I have been a brick layer for over 20 years, always working for someone else. And have also ran a small pressure washing company on the side. Last year I decided to start washing full time.business it is going well I still need a larger residential customer base, but my contractor customers are my first and most proffitable responsability. when they call I need to respond in a timely manner.new construction masonry cleaning has been good for me and will continue, but lately l have been getting calls for masonry repair it seems I cant get away from brick laying.so I have decided to fill in days not washing with masonry repair.l have changed my website http://www. .nbrookspressurewashing to include masonry repair. All those wh o Need pressure washing or masonry repair give us a call or some one who is qualified for the job it will save you time and money



I have been a brick layer for over


Cheaper is not always better.

I run a small pressure washing company Brooks Pressure Washing http://www.nbrookspressurewashing.com. I have people call all the┬átime wanting prices over the phone,which is fine but after talking to the potential customer I find they want to beat someone else’s price. What ever happened to quality and pride in ones work. Cheaper priced dont always mean quality work. Some people I compete for work from do not have insurance. If they get hurt at someones home the homeowner can be liable, that want save them any money.or when property is damaged who will pay for that. These are just a few reasons not to look for the cheapest price.