Vinyl and concrete cleaning.


This house is in Mcclainsville NC. Vinyl siding and concrete were cleaned, we also replaced 1shutter and painted shutters and front door.
After talking to the owner who had several bids, he decided to use our service. We were not the lowest bid or the highest. He was concerned about the type of cleaner being used. And rightfully so, many people use inferior or even quality cleaners , but even the best cleaners used improperly can damage most surfaces. Care should be taken when cleaning surfaces to remove stains without  inducing water behind the siding, or windows and doors. Proper rinsing will remove stains and just as important using enough water to remove all the detergent. Detergent stains left by improper rinsing can be permanent.
Remember when hiring a cleaning contractor,  always ask questions. Make sure the contractor takes notes, and are aware of your concerns and what is expected from both parties. And cheaper is not always better. Paying more is not always best either. Always look for quality and great customer service . Everyone has a job that has not turned out the way it was expected . But with great customer service a contractor will take the time and steps to resolve any problems the customer may have.
For great service and customer service contact
Brooks Pressure Washing.

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