Memorial Day

Memorial Day or Decorationn day has many states claiming to be the first to recognize the soldiers that were killed during the civil war.

Columbia Miss. Was one of the first to recognize the war fallen, when some women decorated confederate graves and also placed flowers onthe neglected union soldiers graves.

In 1866 president Lyndon Johnson,  declared Waterloo NY the birthplace of Memorial Day,on May 5/1866.there was a small ceramony where busisness closed and flags flew at half staff .

Memorial Day was called Decoration Day until after WW II. Since 1971 Memorial Day has been observed on the last monday in May. This was the begenning of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend.

This Memorial Day I will be taking the time to honor and be thankful for the men and women, who have given their lives, so that I remain free

Just as Patrick Henry in March 23/1775 gave his famous speach ( give me liberty or give me death) . Many Americans has answered the call and has responded to the call to defend and protect our freedoms, just as they have protected  others will continue to lay down their lives. Protecting us from foreign and domestic enemies, so that we the American People shall and will remain free.

Just as Jesus said in John 15:13  greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.  Just as Jesus gave his life for us his friends, and rose again to pardon our sins. The many soldiers that have and will lay down their lives for us, their friends. God has said that this the greatest love one can have. They are justified by actions and courage to lay down their lives for us,  and have a place of peace forever with God. They defend a God given right of freedom, that no man, government, country or  tyrant has the right to take from us. Once again I thank the fallen and the families for giving the ultimate price so that we remain free.


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