In 1863 Abraham Lincoln looking for ways to unite the nation during the civil war he gave his Thanksgiving Proclamation, a day of thanksgiving and praise to our heavenly Father.
Early thanksgiving celebration ln 1621 . William Bradford was governor of Plymouth colonies, proclaimed a day of thanksgiving, to celebrate the first harvest in the new world. The celebration lasted for three days. Edward Wilson who served as assistant governor and later served as governor for three terms, stated that 59 pilgrims and 90 indians belonging to the Wumponag tribe celebrated. The indians brought five deer and many other indian foods.
In 1941 Franklin Roosevelt wanting to extend the Christmas shopping season, proclaimed Thanksgiving the 3rd Thursday in November. After much controversy congress passed a resolution in 1941 stating that Thanksgiving will be celebrated on the 4th thursday in November.

Brooks Pressure Washing would like to wish everyone a great day of thanksgiving and praise. As we are thankful for all that God has provided. Have a great safe holiday, and for all your exterior washing needs remember Brooks Pressure Washing.

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